If You Value Something

I’m related to several families that were immigrants in the late 19th century who helped scrape together the Town called Rush.

A little box of photos we found. Who could these people be?

My family taught me that If you value something, you’ll keep it.  The things you value the most you should keep the best care of.

Over time I have learned that people’s sense of value is ever changing.  Some senses of value change over decades. Some change quicker.

Graduation invitation of the second graduating class of the Rush Union School (No. 10)

Some people can only relate to the tangible.  Their value is in things that can be touched.  Some other people are abandoning material possessions.  They own very little and are therefore mobile.  They go different places and see different sights and they have money to spend on experiences rather than things.

Sometimes you may take for granted the view out the window. Until you have no view.

I believe it is important to save some tangible artifacts of the past.  Users of electronic culture need to appreciate permanence in some objects.  I think some personal responsibility needs to be stressed to digital technology users about preserving their past for their children, just as our Grandparents and Great Grandparents did for us.

There’s a cell tower overhead, but the attraction is the 100 year old Firetruck

Those who do not understand or participate in electronic communications are at a disadvantage just as much as digital users who never visit a museum.  However, if there are no museums, guess which society will endure?

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