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Mary "Mattie" Hayes about 1910

Mary “Mattie” Hayes about 1910

Town of Rush Map 1902 (Available in Shop)

In 2017, just in time for it’s bicentennial year in 2018, the Rush Historical Society is “reborn” after years of dormancy.  Originally formed in 1938 by Mary “Mattie” Hayes (1870-1949), the association worked to acquire and preserve information and artifacts of the Town of Rush, New York.  Mattie served as a consultant and a confidant to the Town Historian, Bessie Hallock who served in that role from 1944 to 1968.

This new incarnation of the Rush Historical Society is a non-profit organization established under the laws of the State of New York, whose activities will include but not be limited to conducting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, and trips that will educate members and their guests about the history of Rush and the surrounding area.

Your membership will help us to preserve the history of the Town of Rush for future generations.

Here are the Constitution and Bylaws  of the Rush Historical Society.

Rush Historical Society
5977 East Henrietta Road
Rush, NY 14543
Phone: (585) 533-1312